Current Projects

Recently Completed: Pen Del

We kicked off this project in February of 2018 in Wendell, North Carolina, and completed it in March 2018. Now four months later, the plant life is thriving and our installations are working hard to prevent further erosion of the area. 

For this restoration project, we installed boulder steps in order to dissipate energy and prevent stormwater erosion. These structures catch driveway and surface runoff, which means there's only water here when it's raining. 

As you can see from these images, it's important to us to maintain as many of the currently growing vegetation as possible. Particularly the larger trees which provide habitats for animals and birds as well as protecting the river bank from further erosion. The riparian buffer around the creek treats pollutants and sediments. 

Our Newest Project: Longview


Longview is a project that we're just getting started on. These are the "before" photos that we took on August 2, 2018. If you're interested in staying up to date with this project, fill out the form below, and we'll be sure to alert you when new photos are posted so that you can follow our progress.

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