Living Shoreline

Riverworks is working to create a better environment by improving our shorelines.

Shorelines are the waterfront where water and land interface. Though erosion is a natural process occurring along shorelines, in many areas man has exacerbated the erosion. Traditional methods such as the addition of riprap or construction of bulkheads have been used to address the erosion. However, these methods have proved effective at stabilization but provide little aquatic habitat. 

Living Shorelines provide a more natural and aesthetically pleasing alternative. 

River Sunset

This method incorporates a soft, natural area to the shoreline to address the erosion issue while enhancing the environment for aquatic fauna and improving water quality. Riverworks has constructed these types of projects which address low energy erosion by using structural and vegetative techniques for stabilization. In-shore water front techniques are typically constructed in low energy areas controlling erosion by using native coastal vegetation. Shoreline stabilization using coastal vegetation may be combined with a breakwater structure to dissipate wave energy prior to the water washing ashore. Benefits of the a living shorelines include:

  • creating a natural buffer to reduce erosion
  • sustaining natural coastal processes and shoreline dynamics
  • maintaining land to water access for property owners and organisms (aquatic and terrestrial)
  • trapping, retaining, and cycling of storm water run off and pollutants
  • more cost efficient than structural stabilization in low energy environments.

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