McPherson Park in Greenville, S.C.

Richland Creek Restoration

Back in August, the city of Greenville, South Carolina contracted RiverWorks for the restoration project of Richland Creek in McPherson Park.

Beginning the Project

When starting this project, we first had to focus on preparing the land for the stream restoration. This required us to remove any trees that were a potential safety hazard. Trees become dangerous when they reach a certain age or if they are unhealthy. We also brought in our vegetation specialists to remove any non-native and invasive plants from the stream banks.  

Originally, much of McPherson Park's infrastructure consisted of gray infrastructure that needed to be removed in order to make way for stormwater management solutions that utilize green infrastructure such as bioswales.

Clearing the Land

As you can see the stream was originally covered by invasive species and shaped by concrete and manmade structures. 

This led to increased erosion along the creek. It was destroying the natural function of the channel, which can lead to downstream impacts.

Preparing for the Future

These updates to Richland Creek will protect against future erosion and ensure that McPherson park is a beautiful place for residents to enjoy for years to come. 

We're looking forward to adding additional native vegetation and seeing the growth of this area.

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