Stream Restoration

Riverworks was established in 2003 for the sole purpose of constructing stream restoration projects.

Mountain River Restoration

Though our scope has since broadened, we continue to be leaders in this area. Stream restoration construction is very different from other general construction and requires specialized knowledge and skills coupled with unique equipment.  Because streams are dynamic systems, the process of transforming a stream from a degraded state to a sustainable state is often complex.

Wyoming to North Carolina and the diverse environments between have benefitted from our stream restoration projects. 

We have implemented stream restoration in a variety of challenging environments from highly urban settings and university campuses, to arid conditions of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, to floodplain systems in the coastal plains. We have restored steep gradient streams, gravel/cobble bed streams, and sand bed streams.  Our construction includes stream channels that vary in width, depth, and slope as the channel meanders through the valley as well as various rock and wood in-stream structures to provide grade control, stability, and habitat. 

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