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I am the Assistant Director of a 35-acre public garden with a very limited staff and budget. We are a very environmentally minded group and consider our footprint and any impacts we may make. We constantly strive to be good stewards of the land and to make beneficial environmental enhancements whenever possible.

We recently received grant funding to install a regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) system at the Gardens. We vetted possible contractors, looking for a company that shared our passion and concern for the environment. We found the perfect fit and, surprisingly, the project was completed before the due date and under budget. From here it was an easy decision to use the remaining funds from this environmental enhancement project to remove a large stand of nonnative invasive vegetation, mainly Chinese privet Ligustrum sinense, from around the project area and in the neighboring wetland.

The problem we now faced was to find a vegetation management contractor who shared our environmental stewardship beliefs. Our RSC contractor suggested we look into using River Works, and, having the utmost trust and respect for our RSC contractor, we contacted River Works. I scheduled a meeting with George Morris of River Works to survey the sight and to vet him, as we would not want just anyone with a backpack sprayer running loose in our garden.

The first thing I noticed about George was how prompt he was, and from there his expertise in botany showed as he excitedly started identifying plants in the gardens shortly after our introduction. He was like a kid in a candy store, bouncing from one plant species to another--this was a good sign! I was impressed that George realized while surveying the site that not only would his crew be in a public garden, but also in a wetland (which requires a specialized set of skills and knowledge to manage correctly and properly). I could tell that George did his homework when he contacted me to discuss the application procedure and costs. I was pleased with his environmental plan, and he managed to meet our budget requirements. I was even more pleased after the work had been completed, the area looked better than I had imagined. All the unwanted species were gone, and the surrounding desirable species were standing unharmed.

I, Dan Hill, and Kalmia Gardens of Coker College would recommend using River Works; in fact, we are contracting them to work on another nonnative invasive plant species removal in the Gardens this year.    

Dan Hill

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