Vegetative Management

Vegetative management refers to a broad array of services including plantings and invasive species treatments. 

We have structured our services to meet the short term goals of clients (initial planting, plant establishment and invasive species treatment), mutually agreed upon success criteria, and long term goals (a functioning vegetative buffer or management of invasive/ noxious species). Our vegetative management staff provides vegetative management services for our construction crews as well as other contractors, mitigation bankers, full delivery providers, and government entities. These services are available independent of other Riverworks offerings or as part of a more comprehensive project.

Plantings are key components of stream restoration, wetland mitigation, and stormwater management projects. 

Sun Flower

Riverworks has installed several thousand acres of plugs, live stake, bare root, and container vegetation. For stream restoration projects, riparian plantings are a fundamental component of a stream restoration project for the long term stability of the site. Plant selection is a key factor in any planting project. We have an excellent understanding of plants and knowledge of selecting vegetation for the appropriate topographic landscape considerations.  Additionally, we are well versed in appropriate installation of plants. This provides the basis for vegetative success on stream restoration and wetland mitigation projects. We often assist environmental staff in selecting plants for stormwater management practices which have varying levels of inundation, and proper plant selection for the hydrologic zones of the project is important.  

Invasive species can be challenging to control or eradicate. 

We offer extensive knowledge and experience in treating and managing invasive species, including the established invasive species which can be challenging to control or eradicate.  In many instances, we have successfully implemented invasive species management in conjunction with reforestation.  Generally, the invasive species are treated prior to reforestation in order to remove or limit the presence of the invasive species within the area. When reforestation occurs, the planted native species are provided an opportunity to grow without competition from the invasive species.

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